CHS Pics | No New Youth Jail Valentines at 12th and Alder

Activists may have lost in court but they haven’t given up on winning hearts in their battle against the new youth jail at 12th and Alder.

Saying she and fellow activists were there to celebrate Valentine’s Day and “what it means to love community and love young people,” activist and attorney Nikkita Oliver said a group gathered outside the under construction King County Youth and Family Justice Center would be delivering No New Youth Jail Valentines to officials and judges.

“We are here to uplift ourselves and love ourselves and say we’re not going to allow buildings like this to be built and invested in,” Oliver said. Continue reading

Ready for big decisions on center’s future on Capitol Hill, Velocity Dance names new executive director

(Image: Ron Rogers/Velocity Dance Center)

Catherine Nueva España (Image: Timothy Mowrer)

Catherine Nueva España is the new executive director of Velocity Dance Center. Nueva España, a Seattle-based nonprofit consultant, dancer, and teacher, has been chosen to fill the shoes of Tonya Lockyer, who departed Velocity after 16 years with the organization.

Former associate producer Erin Johnson, who has taken on the role of interim artistic director in December, will oversee programming in 2019 as Velocity “explores different options for how to fill the role of artistic director in the future.”

Nueva España will start on February 19th. She comes to Velocity from local nonprofit 501 Commons, where she served as the program manager for arts and development and consulted with arts organizations and nonprofits to streamline and stabilize operations. Continue reading

With champagne popping, Mistral chef back in the kitchen as Capitol Hill’s Chavez becomes Violet

Chef Belickis has been busying himself with pop-ups but now his attention shifts to Violet (Image: Violet)

By our calculations, you have about eight years to enjoy Violet, the new William Belickis project set to take over 12th Ave’s Chavez and hit the ground running with a champagne party Friday night.

The $45 a pop — ok, you get three glasses — soiree marks the takeover of the Durango-flavored Mexican restaurant by the Seattle veteran chef whose creativity stretched around eight years at Mistral in Belltown and another eight years at Mistral Kitchen in the Denny Triangle before its early 2018 closure.

Starting this weekend, 1734 12th Ave turns Violet. Continue reading

Design review: Two big projects, 550 or so new homes on E Yesler

There’s a wave of new housing coming south of Capitol Hill. 12th and Yesler will be home to around 279 new units.

Projects creating around 550 new homes along 10th and 12th Ave will come in front of the East Design Review Board Wednesday night. All will be built well south of Capitol Hill, part of the massive changes coming around Yesler Terrace.

The 12th and Yesler project from the real estate investors at Northwest Builders Finance could take its final bow in front of the board while Vulcan’s latest project in the neighborhood at 1000 E Yesler returns for its second try before moving onto the final recommendation phase. Continue reading

Clean gone, Capitol Hill laundromat Lather Daddy loses lease

Empty! (Image: CHS)

A 12th Ave space that has been home to a laundromat business for decades is shuttered and empty to start 2019. Lather Daddy lost its lease and is no more.

“We had steady clientele who had been coming there for years,” owner Luis Moreno told CHS about the closure. He purchased the laundromat about four years ago and had been operating it until late last year when he said building owner Shurgard Storage let him know they would not be open to renewing the lease. Continue reading

High court OKs county property tax to fund youth jail construction at 12th and Alder

Activists at a summer 2018 protest at the 12th and Alder construction site

The Washington State Supreme Court ruled Thursday that King County can continue collecting taxes to fund the construction of its new youth jail at 12th and Alder.

“The 8-0 ruling reversed a lower court’s conclusion that the county had been illegally collecting taxes for the building, a decision that, if upheld, would have created a budget deficit in the tens of millions of dollars,” Crosscut reports.

Activists from Ending the Prison Industrial Complex scored an early legal victory against the funding when an appeals court ruled the county was gathering its funds for the youth jail inappropriately by levying property taxes from an increased base tax that was not clearly stated in the voter-approved proposition. Continue reading

With I Love Wasabi roots, Migoto Sushi now open on 12th Ave

(Image: Migoto)

A restaurateur familiar with Capitol Hill’s appetite for sushi has opened a new spot across from Seattle University.

Migoto opened earlier this month with a deep menu of rolls, donburi, noodle soups, and grill specialties. It replaces longtimer Lemongrass, the mid-2000s born Vietnamese joint that managed to hang on even as more modern competition from Ba Bar moved in next door.

The space underwent a modest overhaul and now features a sushi bar setup and cleaned-up exterior. Continue reading

Serious injuries after two driver vs. pedestrian collisions in 45 minutes on 12th Ave

Less than 45 minutes separated a pair of collisions Monday afternoon along 12th Ave that sent two pedestrians to the hospital with serious injuries.

In the first incident reported just after 12:45 PM at the intersection of 12th and Columbia, a driver struck an 18-year-old as she crossed the street at the southwest corner. A Seattle Fire representative tells CHS the woman was taken to Harborview in stable condition following the crash. Continue reading

‘Merce 100’ celebrates past and future at Velocity Dance as director says goodbye

Merce Cunningham (Image: Merce Cunningham Trust)

Ella Mahler is lying on her back on the marley floor, stock-still, like a bear has been chasing her and playing dead is her last resort. But then, suddenly, she gets up and scurries across the vinyl floors of the back studio of Capitol Hill’s Velocity Dance Center. In hurried movements, she lifts her knees up, combat-style, only to later duck and then balance gracefully on one leg, outsmarting an invisible assailer purely with poise.

Mahler, a Seattle-based dancer, choreographer and Velocity’s 2019 Made in Seattle Artist, is running through the movements of her solo choreography Absolute. Less than two weeks to go before showtime, December 14th. Mahler is one of the nine dancers performing newly created choreographies for MERCE 100: Seattle Artists Respond to Merce, a four-day long, Capitol Hill-centered celebration of and response to the centennial of world-famous dancer and Washington native Merce Cunningham (1919 – 2009), running December 13th through 16th.

Cunningham, who was born in Centralia and studied at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, became one of the most influential artists of the 20th century thanks to his radical, innovative approach to dance, for example by using dice and other chance-based processes to decide how his dancers would move. Continue reading

Scratch Deli — with a butter chicken sandwich and a side of nostalgia — set to say goodbye to Capitol Hill

(Image: CHS)

It’s time to dust off that obituary you wrote last year for Capitol Hill. Another of the neighborhood’s one of a kind, eclectic, inventive, and slightly worn hangouts is set to fade into history.

Scratch Deli, born six years ago in — we’re not kidding — 12th Ave’s People’s Republic of Koffee — will close later this month.

“I have been with Scratch since the very beginning. And. I. Am. Exhausted,” co-owner Laura Rains tells CHS. Continue reading